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Here's what's included

Join us on this crusade of crypto & stock market education and unlock your true trading power...

Zoom Calls & FB Lives

Watch the replays of hours of group coaching sessions, market updates, navigation through Alligator and VOO strategy. Enjoy early access to our training library of new courses on trading bots, technical analysis, advanced candlesticks, advanced chart patterns, and more. 


Live weekly webinars with crypto DCG team and Coach Jamar James with an emphasis on current market conditions, a look at all the major coins, and a deep dive into current trading opportunities and strategies for any market condition. 


Connect with the Coach and other traders inside our community forum. Ask questions about the market, discuss trades you are considering, and get feedback from other traders on stocks and crypto trades they are watching. 

FOUNDATIONS: Crypto Trading Course

Crypto Success System

Acquire Crypto Efficiently (A.C.E) by implementing our step by step routine / system. No matter your level of understanding (New to crypto or experienced trader) we have a system to help you become more efficient.

No Chart Trading System

Not good at using charts? Learn our No Chart Trading System. We give you a step by step process of making trades without charting. There is a checklist! Just no charting.

Traders Checklist

Don’t worry about ever missing a step in your trading process. Get access to DCG’s personal traders checklist that should be used before ever placing a trade.

Oracle Crypto Forecast Monthly Report

A monthly report overview, highlights, news, events, DCG picks and Swings, Trading Checklist, Almanac, Events, Daily Oracle Forecast, and more...

Trading Explained: Trading Analysis

Trading Made Simple

Success in the Markets is all about knowing What to Buy, When to Buy it, and When to Sell it. Our Program unlocks the tools to select the right assets, make low-risk buys, and manage your trades. You'll also learn proper selling techniques and all about a winning trading mindset.

30 Days of Fast Track Coaching

Serious Traders want serious results. 30-days is your fast track incubation period, designed to "jumpstart" your success. Learn how to apply our tools and get the confidence you need to trade like a lion. You won't trade alone. With DCG, Jamar James as your coach, you will avoid the pitfalls that cost new traders hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Buying & Selling Checklist

Use our Checklists and focus on the fundamentals and technical's that matter. Don't spend more time than you need to researching stock picks.

Mastermind Monthly Report

The Successful Trader is the Prepared Trader. This monthly analysis and report provides a solid trading outlook for the month ahead. Get Sentiment updates, best buy/sell days, and trading picks. With this report, our team is prepared to profit.

Advanced Trader Mindset: Mindset Strategy is Key

A Traders Mindset

Discover the strategies that hedge funds and seven figure money managers use for their high net worth clients and now you can apply the same principles to your investments. No guessing which way the market is going, neutral trading strategies that in some cases allow you to collect your money up front and in full.

Monkey Mind

Don’t get caught off guard when stocks report earnings. Betting which way the stock is going to go after earnings is for suckers and gamblers. Discover the advanced option strategies that can put your account in the profit no matter which way the stock goes after earnings are released.

Advanced Morning Formula

You won’t learn advanced strategies by osmosis. Having a morning formula and sticking to that formula will greatly help you execute good trades. A morning formula will also help you generally in life.

Advanced Cheat Sheets

There is a reason advanced option traders are called “Financial Architects”, with these strategies you will be able to build financial theoretical models for “if then market scenarios” for your own trading account. With the advanced options cheat sheet, quickly and efficiently know what strategy to go to for monthly income, earnings season, constructing a sophisticated portfolio and more.

Group Coaching: Weekly Trading Sessions

Weekly Live Trading Webinars

Every week for trading coach Jamar James and the other members join online 3 times a week to discuss current trades and get coaching. Find in real time new trades and apply unique strategies.

Replay & Group Coaching Recordings

All sessions are recorded in case you can’t make it live. Access all new and past recordings worth of training inside the trading library vault.

Profit | Loss | Strategy Trade Tracker

Every potential trade discussed is placed on a trade tracker with a specific strategy. Access all current and past trades, profit/loss and win/loss ratio.

Community Forum

This is like no other forum you have seen. Chat with other traders, upload stock chart pictures of trades you are considering, follow your favorite traders, get forum notifications on topics that interest you and more.

Trading Roadblocks: Roadblocks to Success

VideoStruggling to Find Trades

Most new traders struggle to find stocks to consistently trade. They don’t know where to start their research and how to consistently find winning profitable trades.

Lack of Confidence When to Buy and Sell

Most new traders over-analyze trades causing analysis paralysis. They usually have a hard time determining when to buy and sell because of the fear of losing money.

Unsure Which Strategies to Apply

After finding a stock to trade, most traders don’t know how to apply the correct strategy in both up and down markets especially when it comes to using call and put options or advanced option strategies like spreads.

No Community or Support

Most traders fail because they go at the market alone. They have no one to bounce ideas off of, discuss the ups and downs of trading, or get new ideas from. Often you feel isolated, trying to figure out the market alone and embarrassed when your trades are not working for you.

How Coaching Helps: Your Membership Includes

Weekly Live Coaching Zoom Calls

On these live Zoom calls you will have a chance to ask questions live, as well as watch crypto market Coach Jamar James use advanced trading strategy to find trading opportunities. Get a detailed overview of the entire market and subsectors and an in-depth analysis of potential crypto trades & strategies for both bullish and bearish markets.

Access to Replay Recordings

Ability to watch over 80 hours of crypto market coaching sessions, including all future sessions in the event you can’t make it live to the online webinars.

Trading Community

Connect with the Coach and other traders inside the private community forum. Follow your favorite traders and get notified of new trade ideas and discussions in the forum. Ask questions, post trade ideas, network or find encouragement and inspiration all inside the community.

Weekly Crypto Strategies

Strategies for both bullish and bearish markets from week to week. In-depth discussion on which coins to consider and why. A game plan based on market sentiment and using Oracle Monthly Report.

Ask Yourself, "Is This My Current Situation?

  • My winning trades turn into losing trades
  • When I have a small loss, it turns into a big loss
  • I am unsure of how and where to set stop losses
  • I find the good trades too late after the market has already made the big move
  • I have no trading strategies in bearish markets
  • None of my friends and family understand the crypto market
  • I have no place to get my trading questions answered or anyone to bounce ideas off of
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